idbi—-offer the correct sound


Music ring, music circle, music stereophonic

This is probably the most convenient way for modern people to listen to music.

We should direct our lives .

In the 20Hz-20KHz , sound is the gift of nature to human beings, and the sound can be directed to the heart and directly to the soul.


We love voices, we love dB, we love ourselves, idbi.

We use ears to catch the world. We are looking for a healthy voice. It has a special healing power.

All our life, we only meet good voices.

Balance, reality, natural, clear,good for  listening and kindness.

We love voices. We love decibel.We love ourselves.



We need a friend who makes such sound

So we found – the idbi wearable speaker

With it, you have the easiest way to get stereo experience.

The music between the two ears and the sound of the surrounding world can be attained at the same time.


This is probably the easiest way to listen to music.

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