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FAQs for Products

Q: Does this remain comfortable if lounging on a recliner or reading in bed? I listen to music while reading, and typically read in those places.
A: Comfort is not an issues with these. You barley notice them there. Laying down they might move around or get smothered a bit but otherwise if you are sitting up a bit reading they work really well.

Q: can this be used for TV as a wireless head set?
A: Hello, thank you for your interest in the idbi Companion speaker. Though it may be possible to pair your system with your TV for wireless audio streaming, the experience does not meet idbi expectations. There may be a distracting delay between the audio and video that detracts from your experience.

Q: Would this be useful for car salesmen or Courier?
A: I find it useful for any activity where you want music without being totally cutoff from your environment.Also works great for hands free phone calls

Q: will a bystander or people aroud be able to hear the calls when using it for calls?
A: Hi, Thanks for the great Q. The idbi Companion speaker uses digital signal processing to deliver rich sound to the listener while reducing the amount of sound that others hear. Others will still be able to hear your conversations but not as pronounced. Have a great day!

Q: If I am using this device for podcast in my office space, can person sitting next to me ( 5 feet) will know what I am listening to ?
A: Yes, these are not headphones, they’re speakers that point towards your ears.

Q: does this just rest lightly on the shoulders? can i move around wildly and not worry about them flying off into traffic or a lagoon?
A: They are a bit heavy, but not secure. Walking and running okay, but not much more. You can probably put it under your shirt to keep more secure.

Q: Can people hear to what I am listening to?
A: Yes, if loud enough, and they are close enough. In a cube farm, they shouldn’t be able to hear. Standing next to you in lunch room at the microwave, probably yes.

Q: Can people around me hear to what I am listening too?
A: Yes but it’s minimal

Q: Is this made for activities? Could you wear hiking or biking or would it be uncomfortable?
A: Not so great for sports. A bit heavy. I like them work on computer etc

Q: Can I mute / unmute during a call from a button on the headset?
A: It will automatically mute when you receive/make call

Q: Will this work with mountain biking or any type of cycling activity?
A: Hi, that’s a great Q. The idbi Companion speaker is made from materials specifically engineered to be comfortable and light, and are sweat and water resistant. It is subjected to rigorous product testing to ensure durability. Have a great day!

Q: Could this be used to listen to radio broadcast while watching a live college game in a stadium? Would he be able to hear broadcast over crowd noise?
A: Probably if you turn up the volumne enough, but you will probably annoy everyone around you who will have to listen to it as well.

Q: Can this be used with computer?
A: Yes, if your computer has Bluetooth capability.. It is like any stereo Bluetooth headset in terms of function; it just doesn’t cover your ears.